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"Wellness begins at the table", on June 17 the first of the four meetings and Living Lab organized by Polytechnic of Bari for the InnoNets Project

Public debate has long highlighted the role of nutrition as a link between promoting human health and mitigating the ecological footprint of our societies on the planet. The EAT-Lancet Commission report on healthy and sustainable diets is a clear example. However, in order to promote a full physical, psychological and social well-being, the major transformations expected in the food cycle require that reference diets are adapted to different territorial contexts.

It's obvious that there is a need to create an effective meeting point between all members of the local community in order to actively discuss the food policies to be adopted within one's own community.

How will local food policies affect food behaviour? Can local governments, public authorities and agri-food companies really ensure sustainability in food cycles? These are just some of the topics that will be addressed by doctors, researchers, companies and innovation facilitators during the meeting within the Living Lab “Politiche Locali del Cibo in Puglia” entitled “Il Benessere comincia a tavola” organized by the Politecnico di Bari for the InnoNets Project - Innovative Networks for the Agrifood sector. (funded under the Interreg V-A Greece-Italy Programme).

The event will host Prof. Ing. Carmelo Maria Torre as Scientific Director and the participation of Antonio Moschetta, doctor and researcher, professor at the University of Bari "Aldo Moro", writer;  Aida Turrini, researcher, Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics (CREA), Food and Nutrition Centre (Rome); Caterina Renna, medical psychiatrist, head of the Centre for Treatment and Research on Eating Disorders (ASL Lecce); Edoardo Altomare, doctor, head of the Special Operations Unit "Training" (ASL Bari), journalist, writer; Scientific responsible for the Innonets project for the Politecnico di Bari is Prof. Carmelo M. Torre, while the coordination of the Living Lab "Local food policies" is by Dr. Alessandro Bonifazi, with the support of Naps Lab s.r.l.s.

After this first meeting, three more events will follow, based on the cross-cutting themes of the food urban economy.

The meeting, and the related Living Lab, will be held online on June 17th (4.00 pm) on the Zoom platform.

To register please refer to the [following link]