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PRESS RELEASE Tomorrow in Andria the second meeting of the InnoNets project on the fight against food waste


Food innovation starts from sustainable consumption and new economies of recovery. Local institutions and actors compared in the road shows and infodays promoted by the Puglia Region and ARTI.


Bari, 20 June 2019 - The second stage of the roadshow of the INNONETS project, promoted by the Puglia Region and ARTI - Regional Technology and Technology Agency, will be held on Friday 21 June (10.30 - 15.00) in Andria (at the Cloister of San Francesco), in collaboration with Legacoop Puglia and Politecnico di Bari, on the theme of contrasting food waste. These are four events, which began in Brindisi, and which continue on Monday 24th in Lecce (former Sant'Anna conservatory) and Tuesday 25th in Foggia (Civic Museum), to deepen regional programs and initiatives on reducing food waste, enter in contact with local actors engaged daily on the issues of sustainability, orienting themselves between foodsharing, new economies of recovery and social innovation for a better sharing of resources.


The Apulia Region - Research, Innovation and Institutional Capacity Section and Active Social Inclusion and Innovation of Social Networks - intervene in each stage in the morning sessions, presenting programs and initiatives to support innovation and reduce food waste, as well as the INNONETS project and its opportunities.


In the afternoon sessions, the testimonies of local actors engaged in the fight against food waste are presented, from territorial areas to projects and associations for social promotion such as Market Solidale di Fasano, Avanzi Popolo 2.0, Recuperiamoci Bisceglie and Comunità Emmanuel - Le Sorgenti.


The event of Andria was attended by: Tania Guerra, from the Research, Innovation and Institutional Capacity Section, who introduces the meeting with institutional greetings, Valeria Patruno, from ARTI, who presented the INNONETS project and its opportunities, Riccarda d'Ambrosio, from the Section Active social inclusion and innovation of the social networks of the Puglia Region, who presented programs and initiatives in support of the food waste reduction and Ruggiero Mennea, speaker of the regional law for the fight against food waste.


In the afternoon, the local examples were presented by: Angelantonio Angarano, Mayor of Bisceglie, Roberta Rigante, Councilor for Social Policies of the Municipality of Bisceglie, Patrizia Cormio, Councilor for Social Services of the Municipality of Trani, Alessandro Nicola Attolico, office coordinator of piano TraniBisceglie, Marco Costantino of Avanzi Popolo 2.0 and Franco Mastrogiacomo of Recuperiamoci Bisceglie.



The events fall within the scope of the InnoNets project, funded by the Interreg VA European Territorial Cooperation Program Greece-Italy, which aims to encourage territorial cooperation in the agri-food sector between the Puglia Region and the Ionian Islands Region (in Greece): the idea is to focus on innovation facilitation processes for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), pursued through thematic meetings involving research organizations, businesses, local government bodies and civil society.


Project partners, in addition to the Ionian Islands Region (Greece) which is the leader, also the Corfu Chamber of Commerce, the Puglia Region - Department of Economic Development, Innovation, Education, Training and Work with the technical support of ARTI, the Polytechnic of Bari and the Regional League of Cooperatives and Mutua di Puglia (Italy). Associated partners are the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce Thessaloniki and the University of Basilicata.


Other meetings within the project are scheduled for June 26 at the Polytechnic of Bari, where Urban Food Policy, that is food strategies for cities and islands, will be discussed, and June 27 in Taranto: in the latter, organized by Legacoop Puglia, innovation facilitators will meet agrifood companies. A series of workshops will be held in July, which will see the Puglia Region and ARTI engaged on the themes of the circular economy and the fight against food waste on July 5 in Taranto and July 8 in Foggia, Legacoop on the theme of innovation in the SMEs of agriculture on July 10 in Lecce, and the Polytechnic of Bari on July 11 in Brindisi on the theme of sustainable cities and islands.




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