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PRESS RELEASE InnoNets, in Lecce focus on "Innovation manager - innovation facilitators in Agrifood companies"

Bari, 8 July 2019 - The workshop will take place in Lecce on 10 July at the Ex Conservatorio S. Anna in two sessions (from 10 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 15) on: "Innovation manager - innovation facilitators in the companies of the 'Agrifood ”included in the InnoNets - Innovative Networks for the Agrifood sector project, funded under the Interreg VA Greece-Italy, which aims to encourage territorial cooperation between the Puglia Region and the Ionian Islands Region (in Greece) in the agri-food sector . After the introduction to the works and greetings of Legacoop Puglia, Arti Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation and Polytechnic of Bari, Pasquale Ferrante Legacoop Puglia will introduce a cooperative Digital Innovation Hub, while the presentation of InnoNets Living Lab Innovation manager-facilitators of innovation will be entrusted to Katia De Luca, also from Legacoop Puglia. Alfredo Marasciulo, Professional Tasting Committee of the University of Bari will deal with the theme "Facilitating innovation" Processes for the development of product culture: new scenarios and perspectives for traditional products ", while from 11.30 to 13.30 a World café and aperitif with companies, startups, innovation facilitators, associations, researchers, LAGs, local authorities, introduced and moderated by Caterina De Lucia, University of Foggia.


In the afternoon session then some startups, companies and projects will discuss innovation, digital and agrifood, these are the planned interventions: Catiana Coletta di Brainpull Soc. Coop .; "Compost Community - a platform for the management of organic waste" Roberto Paladini, Innovaction Soc. Coop; "Social and agricultural innovation practices between Seclì, Galatone and Aradeo" presented by Arianna Tosi of LUNA Rural laboratory; "The new chain: responsibility for practices and processes" and the experiences of the Agricultural Cooperative Karadrà presented by Roberta Bruno; "From agriculture to responsible tourism", with Daniele Sperti of Coop. social Terrarossa; "Digital tools and virtual reality for the use of the territory" with Nicola and Luciano Baglivi of Arte Amica Soc. Coop.


The appointments fall within the scope of the InnoNets project, financed by the Interreg VA European Territorial Cooperation Program Greece-Italy, which aims to encourage territorial cooperation in the agri-food sector between the Puglia Region and the Ionian Islands Region (in Greece): the idea is to focus on innovation facilitation processes for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), pursued through thematic meetings involving research organizations, businesses, local government bodies and civil society.


Project partners, in addition to the Ionian Islands Region (Greece) which is the leader, also the Corfu Chamber of Commerce, the Puglia Region - Department of Economic Development, Innovation, Education, Training and Work with the technical support of ARTI, the Polytechnic of Bari and the Regional League of Cooperatives and Mutua di Puglia (Italy). Associated partners are the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Thessaloniki and the University of Basilicata.



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