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PRESS RELEASE Fight against food waste and circular economy: the InnoNets project workshop in Taranto


The second cycle of events on innovation in the agri-food sector, promoted by the Puglia Region and ARTI, Legacoop and Polytechnic of Bari, starts on 5 July, as part of the European InnoNets project


Bari, July 4th 2019 - The workshops of the InnoNets project, promoted by the Puglia Region and ARTI - Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation, will start on July 5th in Taranto at Palazzo Pantaleo (Vico Civico) from 10.00 to 15.00 in collaboration with Legacoop Puglia and the Polytechnic University of Bari, on the theme of combating food waste.


After the first information roadshow in the Apulian provinces, we continue with another cycle of meetings to present the opportunities of the InnoNets project and regional initiatives on the theme of reducing food waste and to promote connections between institutions, local bodies engaged in the topic, technicians and social innovators, with a view to the circular economy and sustainability.


In Taranto the day will be divided into two sessions with two different focuses: from 10.00 to 12.30 "Objective Zero food waste" and from 13.30 to 15.00 "Plan the reduction of food waste".


In the morning session, after the introductory greetings from Tania Guerra and Teresa Chimienti, respectively from the Research, Innovation and Institutional Capacity Section and the Active Social Inclusion and Innovation Section of the social networks of the Puglia Region, Valeria Patruno of ARTI shall present the InnoNets project and its opportunities and Gianna Avellis of InnovaPuglia shall present the Cross Border Thematic Living Lab on the theme "Zero food waste": a tool for user-led innovation and active involvement to explore ecological and economic priorities, share ideas and projects to propose solutions, test actions and evaluate their results .


Francesca Volpe and Damiano Petruzzella of CIHEAM shall present operating methods and objectives of the mapping activity of the agri-food value chain developed by them, for the definition of the sectors that can stimulate cooperation between local actors and build synergies. The results of this activity will provide ideas to be developed within the living lab.

Following, there shall be a discussion of ongoing experiences with local subjects engaged in the issue of reducing food waste, including the speakers: Maria Antonietta Brigida - Vice President of Csv Taranto - Zero Waste Network Taranto, Debora Giorgi - Food Bank Taranto, Gaetano Zaccaria - Folium, Lella Miccolis - Progeva, Nico Catalano - Aiab, (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture), Michele Sozio - The virtuosos of Acquaviva, Simona Soloperto and Marco D'Errico - WWF Taranto: "Poor and good" project.

The events shall be implemented in the framework of the InnoNets project, funded by the Interreg VA European Territorial Cooperation Program Greece-Italy 2014-2020, which aims to promote territorial cooperation in the agri-food sector between the Puglia Region and the Ionian Islands Region (in Greece) : the idea is to focus on innovation facilitation processes for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), pursued through thematic meetings involving research organizations, businesses, local government bodies and civil society .


Project partners, in addition to the Ionian Islands Region (Greece) which is the leader, also the Corfu Chamber of Commerce, the Puglia Region - Department of Economic Development, Innovation, Education, Training and Work with the technical support of ARTI, the Polytechnic of Bari and the Regional League of Cooperatives of Puglia (Italy). Associated partners are the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Thessaloniki and the University of Basilicata.


The next scheduled events are: on July 8 (10.00 - 15.00) in Foggia at the Civic museum (piazza Vincenzo Nigri, 3) on the theme of the fight against food waste; on July 10, however, it will be the turn of Lecce, where the workshop entitled "Innovation manager - innovation facilitators in agrifood enterprises" will take place at the former S. Anna Conservatory. The last date on the calendar is that of 11 July in Brindisi at Palazzo Granafei Nervegna on food strategies for the urban areas of Puglia.



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