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Innovative Networks for the Agrifood sector

The InnoNets project aims to encourage territorial cooperation between the Puglia Region and the Ionian Islands Region (in Greece) in the agri-food sector, focusing on innovation facilitation processes in favor of small and medium-sized enterprises, pursued through the activation of living thematic labs involving research organizations, businesses, local government bodies and civil society.

Duration: 24 months - from April 10, 2018 to April 9, 2020


Region of the Ionian Islands (Greece) - Leader

Puglia Region - Department of Economic Development, Innovation, Education, Training and Work (Italy)

Polytechnic of Bari (Italy)

Corfu Chamber of Commerce (Greece)

Regional League of Cooperatives and Mutua di Puglia (Italy)

General objective

The project aims to stimulate the innovative capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises in the agri-food sector, through the design and creation of living labs in support of innovation that promote competitiveness.

The proposed methodology uses the processes of "entrepreneurial discovery", to develop innovative processes through the involvement of public and private subjects, research organizations, companies, representatives of the local government and citizens. Specifically, three thematic cross-border living labs will be created: sustainable cities and islands, zero waste, innovative SMEs in the agri-food sector.

Main activities

The project activities are divided into:

project management and coordination

information and publicity

networking, studies, living labs

design and management of cross-border innovation networks

evaluation and sustainability of the project.

In addition to the project management and activity promotion activities, the project will develop a detailed mapping of the activities in the agri-food value chain in the area of ​​intervention and the identification of the sectors that can stimulate cooperation between actors and build synergies.

The results of this activity will provide ideas for new products and synergies to be developed within the living lab.

The role of Puglia Region and ARTI in the project

The Puglia Region is a partner of the project and ARTI provides technical assistance. Among the project activities, the Puglia Region and ARTI will deal with the analysis of regional strategies in the agri-food sector and the analysis for the identification of the value chain of the agri-food sector in Puglia, the mapping and analysis of the needs of innovation in infrastructure and agricultural production. The living labs "Sustainable cities and islands" and "Zero waste" will be organized and managed, preceded by information days and workshops to promote participation.

Funding source

INNONets is a project funded under the European Interreg V-A Greece-Italy territorial cooperation program.

For more information

Interreg V-A Greece-Italy program: