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Innovative networks for the agri-food sector: the second meeting between the Apulian and Greek partners of the InnoNets project is underway

Bari, 22 July 2019 - On 24th July the Polytechnic of Bari will host the second meeting between the partners of the InnoNets project "Innovative Networks for the Agrifood sector" (funded by the Interreg VA Greece-Italy 2014-2020 program, within the axis Priority 1 - Innovation and competitiveness) which aims to promote territorial cooperation between the Puglia Region and the Regions of the Ionian Islands (in Greece) in the agri-food sector. The project focuses on innovation facilitation processes for small and medium-sized enterprises, through thematic living labs that involve research, businesses, local government bodies and civil society.

The representatives of the Ionian Region (Greece) which is the leader beneficiary, of the Chamber of Commerce of Corfu, of the Puglia Region - Department of Economic Development, Innovation, Education, Training and Work with the technical support of ARTI, Polytechnic of Bari and Legacoop Puglia they will meet to discuss what has been done so far and to prepare the next steps for the project activities.

In recent months, a traveling series of informative local events has been organized, to present the project objectives and involve local communities in sharing innovative experiences in the agri-food sector and providing ideas for new products and strategies to be explored in the living lab, participatory tools of user-driven innovation.

The next activities will take place in September and will conclude with the living labs and the creation of an IT hub of innovative tools, called "Agrifood Toolbox", a platform for the supply of innovation support services for the agri-food sector. The InnoNets project started in April 2018 and will end in April 2020.



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