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The project 'INNONETS - Innovative Networks for the Agri-food sector' has been integrated into the INTERREG Program Greece - Italy 2014-2020 on Priority Axis 1: Innovation and Competitiveness - Specific Objective 1.1: Provision of innovative support services and development of clusters the length of borders to enhance competitiveness.
The Act proposes to design and develop a dynamic interregional supply system innovative support services for SMEs in the cross-border agri-food sector. The aim of the operation is to set up and operate Agri-Food Innovation Transfer Centers, to be supported by local agri - food SMEs in compliance with policies and
EU guidelines while at the same time adopting innovation through their efforts to improving their competitiveness.
They will be created to adapt EU policies to cross-border region data Cross-border Thematic Knowledge Transfer Labs (Living Labs), which will be the common field for
cooperation between the four-stranded actors (administration, business, institutions, its representatives) Of Civil Society). The interconnection of all stakeholders will activate actors through the process seeking answers to important issues related to sustainable food management and import innovation in agri-food media.
The project methodology includes 3 Cross-border Thematic Knowledge Transfer Workshops (Cross Border Thematic Living Labs), an umbrella cross-border lab for the control and management of Cross-border Thematic Knowledge Transfer Labs, and a Powerful Electronic Innovation Center (Agri-food Innovation Toolbox).
The INNONETS project is expected to produce long-term results as it paves the way for developing joint transnational actions to strengthen the agri-food sector while at the same time it is expected to establish a permanent co-operation environment between stakeholders quadruple proponents for developing policies for sustainable management of food at the city / island level but also in the joint development of solutions to the issues faced by agri-food sector of the cross-border region Greece-Italy.