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Electronic Cross Border Agrifood Innovation Node

The Electronic Cross-Border Innovation Agri-Food Node is an innovation brokerage center, which provides a wide range of services to SMEs of the sector. Its aim is to support SMEs increase innovation in their production and business operations as well as to comply with EU directives and regulations.

The Node includes:

The E- learning Platform, where you can receive focused training on new innovative production methods, ways to manage your business resources, ways to improve product quality, packaging and standardization as well as certification in terms of hygiene and quality.

The Innovation Hub, where you can find the actions being currently developed by research institutes in your area and the way your company can participate in.

The Networking Hub, which provides you with the opportunity to immediately identify the companies that can develop synergies with you to develop new products, jointly promote their products on local and international distribution networks and more generally to help you enhance the competitiveness of your company.

Find out about the FREE SERVICES and how you can participate in the online community of the INNONETS Electronic Cross-Border Innovation Node at